RIVS Lounge Hoody Artemis grey (COMING SOON)

The RIVS Lounge Hoody Artemis is a sporty lightweight hoody with a hem band on the sleeves and bottom.

With the RIVS Lounge Hoody Artemis you get the Green Adventure chakra stone as a gift. Green Adventure dissolves negative energy and brings well-being and tranquility. The Hoody is named after the Goddess Artemis. Artemis is the Goddess of the moon and hunting and stands for willpower, striving for goals and independent thinking and acting

If you want to know more about the explanation of the Chakra stones, read the blog here.


The material of the RIVS Lounge collection is: Italian Fleece Composition
95% Cotton
5% Elastin

It has a nice soft finish. Made of luxurious training fabric that feels wonderful, soft and comfortable.

• RIVS Lounge hoody is also available in the colours: soft green, white and black
• Lightweight
• Sporty fit

Washing instructions
Wash at 30 degrees. You will keep this item of clothing beautiful for the longest time by not putting it in the dryer.